We at Blackwoods Signature Sauces take special care to produce the finest gluten-free, all-natural sauces in the world. Only the finest ingredients are used to create our sauces. As the back of the bottle says, we use raisins, mangos and pineapples, whip them with all-natural molasses, along with other secret ingredients to create a sweet-n-spicy puree. The delicate balance of heat and robust flavor now live together in perfect harmony in this truly gourmet suite of fine sauces.

Hot PeppersAnd whether you call them buffalo sauces, hot sauces, wing sauces, just know that our customers use our sauces on eggs and omelets in the morning, on a burger or rack of ribs at lunch, or on a nice filet of fish for dinner.  These sauces are just that versatile!  That’s why we call them Signature Sauces.  Just understand that we have spent nearly 2 decades perfecting our recipes. We hope your taste buds enjoy all the time and effort that goes into the making these hand-crafted sauces. Every single bottle of Blackwoods Signature Sauces is hand-crafted to the highest standards, and produced for us by the noted Lancaster Fine Foods Company, Lancaster, PA.

“Ignite your taste buds!”